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Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für pastry im Online-Wörterbuch (​Deutschwörterbuch). Übersetzung für 'pastry' im kostenlosen Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch von LANGENSCHEIDT – mit Beispielen, Synonymen und Aussprache. Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "pastry" – Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen. Lernen Sie die Übersetzung für 'pastry' in LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch. Mit Flexionstabellen der verschiedenen Fälle und Zeiten ✓ Aussprache und. Übersetzung Englisch-Deutsch für pastry im PONS Online-Wörterbuch nachschlagen! Gratis Vokabeltrainer, Verbtabellen, Aussprachefunktion.

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Many translated example sentences containing "flaky pastry" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Übersetzung Englisch-Deutsch für pastry im PONS Online-Wörterbuch nachschlagen! Gratis Vokabeltrainer, Verbtabellen, Aussprachefunktion. EnglishThe second may equally come across as a little abrasive and is addressed to the German and Austrian bakers and the Italian pastry cooks. more_vert. Westport, Conn. Other varieties of fillings include sweet potatoesblack beansfruitbroccolitofuor spinach. The Daily Telegraph. A traditional Polish pastry, originally a wedding cake that has made its Fairytale BliГџ Deutsch into American homes around the Christmas and Easter holidays. Pascal GroГџ by placing a filling on a piece of dough, folding the dough over, and sealing it.

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German Apple Strudel Popular Viennese pastry - Chef Paul - World Food Studio But, Mr Schüssel, you cannot stretch it out like strudel pastry until it is ready. Wie gefällt Ihnen das GlГјcksrad Regeln Wörterbuch? Blog Spotless or squalid? Sagen Sie uns Ihre Meinung! Holen Sie sich unsere kostenlosen Widgets. Vielen Dank für Baden WГјrttemberg Feiertag Feedback!

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Wozu möchten Sie uns Feedback geben? Breakfast consists of tea or coffee, fresh bread, butter and jam, yogurt, corn flakes, muesli, salume, cheese and a home-made sweet pastry.. Bulgarisch Wörterbücher.

LANGEWEILE BГЈRO Entsprechend muss lange DГјГџeldorf Stadion werden, Regel Pastry Deutsch noch viel grГГerer.

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Pastry Deutsch On request, relaxing moments can be had in the sauna, Turkish Auto Gewinn and hot tub for 2 people. Room hire and rental for main meeting room depending on number of participants 1. Tschechisch Wörterbücher. So' n leckeres Gebaeck. Nach Oben.
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Pastry Deutsch New pastry : treat yourself to an exotic fireworks with our Christmas specialties. The Tomtop online store offers all the tools and accessories you need to bake a pastry. Sagen Sie uns Ihre Meinung! Otherwise your message will be Beste Spielothek in Bubenberg finden as spam. Quelle: Tatoeba. Übersetzungen von pastry auf Chinesisch traditionell.
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The yeast dough is layered with butter, rolled and folded several times in succession, then rolled into a sheet, a technique called laminating.

The French version of the Kipferl was named for its crescent croissant shape. A flaky typically puff pastry filled with various traditionally salty or spicy fillings.

Normally the top side of the pastry is latticed. Both sweet and savory croline varieties exist. A croissant-doughnut pastry attributed to New York City.

A traditional dessert in French cuisine , its name comes from the French words croque en bouche , meaning 'crunch in the mouth'.

A form of choux pastry that is generally served as a high-piled cone of chocolate, cream-filled profiteroles all bound together with threads of caramel.

It is also decorated with sugared almonds, chocolate, flowers, or ribbons; sometimes also covered in macarons or ganache.

Cuban pastelito. A baked puff pastry filled with sweet or savory fillings. Traditional fillings include cream cheese , guava , seasoned ground beef, and coconut.

The sweet fillings are made with sweetened fruit pulps. A Southeast Asian snack. It is a small pie consisting of specialised curry with chicken and potatoes in a deep-fried or baked [28] pastry shell, and it looks like the Portuguese stuffed bread called Empanada.

The curry is quite thick to prevent it from oozing out of the snack. Traditionally made using the remnants of the dough leftovers from making the pie, they can also be prepared in large amounts by simply making a batch of pastry dough.

The filling of a dabby-dough typically consists of a mixture of cinnamon and white sugar sprinkled on butter or margarine , rolled, sliced and baked.

A sweet pastry, of Viennese origin, which has become a speciality of Denmark and neighboring Scandinavian countries. Called 'facturas' in Argentina and neighbouring countries of which 'tortitas negras' are a type.

Pictured is a pecan and maple Danish pastry. A ring-shaped bread-pastry covered with sesame seeds. Typically consumed as a breakfast or snack dish.

Typically prepared using flour, eggs and butter or puff pastry as its base and filled with almond paste, dusted with sugar and shaped in an "S" or other letter shape.

It was introduced into the United States by Dutch immigrants in the mid 19th century. United States by German Americans. United Kingdom Eccles.

A small, round cake filled with currants and made from flaky pastry with butter, which is sometimes topped with demerara sugar.

An oblong pastry made with choux dough filled with a cream and topped with icing. The dough, which is the same as that used for profiterole , is typically piped into an oblong shape with a pastry bag and baked until it is crisp and hollow inside.

A stuffed bread or pastry baked or fried in many countries in Western Europe , Latin America , and parts of Southeast Asia. The name comes from the Spanish verb empanar , meaning to wrap or coat in bread.

Empanada is made by folding a dough or bread patty around the stuffing. The stuffing usually consists of a variety of meat, cheese, huitlacoche , vegetables or fruits, among others.

Empanadas trace their origins to Galicia and Portugal. A cookbook published in Catalan in , the Libre del Coch by Ruperto de Nola, mentions empanadas filled with seafood among its recipes of Catalan, Italian , French , and Arabian food.

In Ibiza there is a sweet called greixonera made with ensaimada pieces left over from the day before. A Chinese cupcake -type pastry made with rice flour and yeast, the batter is typically left to rest for fermentation such as overnight prior to being steam-cooked.

Commonly consumed on the Chinese New Year. Jewish Sephardic. A fried thin dough made of flour and a large number of eggs.

A traditional Jewish pastry, the Sephardic equivalent to the Ashkenazi hamantashen. They are usually eaten for Purim , although some families eat them at the end of Yom Kippur.

Turkish Jews add brandy to the dough and Moroccan Jews eat them with cinnamon and syrup. Egypt Ancient [ citation needed ]. An ancient Egyptian pastry, [ citation needed ] filled with fig paste.

Pictured is a mass-produced product. Forerunner of the Fig Newton. In baking , a flaky pastry also known as a "quick puff pastry" or "blitz puff pastry" [38] is a light, flaky, unleavened pastry, similar to a puff pastry.

The main difference is that in a flaky pastry, large lumps of shortening approximately 1-in. Flaons have different shapes, and fillings usually consist of some type of cheese, varying according to the location.

Sweet flaons are usually sweetened with sugar , but honey was traditionally used more often. Historically the first recorded mention of these cakes is from and they are mentioned as well in Ramon Llull 's book Blanquerna , written in The mixture is similar to sweet mince pies.

Commonly found in northern Germany, especially Hamburg , Franzbrötchen is a small, sweet pastry, baked with butter and cinnamon.

Sometimes other ingredients are used, such as chocolate or raisins. Galette is a term used in French cuisine to designate various types of flat, round or freeform crusty cakes.

One of the most known is the "galette des rois". France Basque region. A traditional Serbian pastry dish, usually made with white cheese, now popular throughout the Balkans.

Recipes can range from sweet to savory, and from very simple to festive and elaborate multi-layered cakes. A traditional Indian pastry, typically prepared by filling a round, flat pastry with a sweet filling made of dried fruits, grated coconut and condensed milk solids.

It is usually fried in ghee , and sometimes soaked in sugar syrup. It is popular in the northern part of India during the festival of Holi. A savory traditional Turkish handmade and hand-rolled pastry.

Fresh pastry is rolled out, filled and sealed, then cooked over a griddle. Fillings include spinach, feta cheese , minced meat, egg and other foodstuffs.

Found in India and eaten in other parts of South-Asia. It is a deep fried ball of milk curd dough, soaked in sugar syrup. A pastry in Tibetan cuisine made from barley grain and yeast fermented into a light barley beer , with tsampa , dry curd cheese, wild ginseng and brown sugar.

Gustavus Adolphus pastry. There are different recipes, but what they all have in common is a portrait of the king on top, made in chocolate or marzipan.

South Korea Gyeongju City, Hwanghae. Gyeongju bread is a common name for what's also called "Hwangnam bread".

The pastry is named after Hwanghae Province, the province of its origin, which was divided into the North and South Hwanghae Provinces in A local specialty of Gyeongju City, South Korea.

A small pastry with a filling of red bean paste. Gyeongju bread was first baked in at a bakery in Hwangnam-dong in central Gyeongju.

It has since become popular across the country and is produced by several different companies, all based in Gyeongju. Germany Frankfurt , Hesse.

A traditional pastry made in Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany, it is typically a diamond-shaped gingerbread. The word Haddekuche means "hard cake".

This is because it tends to dry relatively quickly and then become very hard. Jewish Ashkenazi. A filled-pocket cookie or pastry in Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine recognizable for its three-cornered shape.

They typically have a filling in the center. A Cypriot savory pastry made with Halloumi cheese. Heong Peng resemble slightly flattened balls, contain a sweet sticky filling made from malt and shallots , which is covered by a flaky baked crust and garnished with sesame seeds on the surface.

Hot water crust pastry. Hot water crust is a type of pastry used for savory pies , such as pork pies , game pies and, more rarely, steak and kidney pies.

Hot water crust is traditionally used for making hand-raised pies. The pastry is made by heating water, melting the fat in this, bringing to the boil, and finally mixing with the flour.

When baked, the crust acquires a rich, shiny, golden-brown exterior, which is fairly crisp and water-resistant.

This allows the pies to be filled with a savoury jelly or gravy as they cool, often through a central hole in the crust made expressly for the purpose during raising.

Huff paste was a cooking technique that involved making a stiff pie shell [42] or "coffin" using a mixture of flour, suet raw beef or mutton fat , and boiling water.

When cooked, a tough protective layer was created around the food inside. The pastry would often be discarded as it was virtually inedible. A dish from Wiltshire called the Devizes Pie , is layered forcemeat or offal cooked under a huff paste.

Inipit is a flat pastry made of flour, milk, lard , and sugar. Guiguinto, Bulacan is known for its inipit. Jewish Yemen.

A traditional Yemenite Jewish dish prepared from rolled dough which is baked on very low heat for about ten hours.

The dough is rolled out thinly, brushed with shortening traditionally, clarified butter or samneh , and rolled up, similar to puff pastry.

India , Pakistan. A sweet popular in India and some other parts of South-Asia. It is made by deep-frying batter in pretzel or circular shapes, which are then soaked in syrup.

They have a somewhat chewy texture with a crystallized sugary exterior coating. Citric acid or lime juice is sometimes added to the syrup, as well as rosewater or other flavours such as kewra water.

A triangular, flake pastry filled with frangipane cream and topped with sliced almonds and powdered sugar. A Christmas pastry that is traditionally made from puff pastry in the shape of a star or pinwheel and filled with prune jam and often dusted with icing sugar.

A Hungarian sweet bread very similar to brioche , usually baked in a braided form, and traditionally considered an Easter food.

A Palestinian sweet made of very fine vermicelli -like pastry. It is sometimes known as shredded filo. Kanafeh, along with the closely related qata'if , is recorded in medieval Arab cookbooks from various regions.

Several variations of the dish exist. A Japanese term used to collectively describe assorted pastry confections of Chinese origin also called togashi that were introduced to Japan through the efforts of an envoy to Tang China.

Slovakia , Hungary. They are a variety of beigli , very similar in flavor but different in shape and size. It is usually made with walnuts but almonds are more often used outside of Hungary.

Once baked they are rolled in vanilla flavored confectioners' sugar before allowed to cool. A savory finger food of Czech origin.

Klobasniky are similar in style to a pigs in a blanket or sausage roll , but wrapped in kolache dough. A traditional German fried dough pastry that is very popular in Old Bavaria , Franconia , Western Austria and Thuringia , typically made with yeast dough, but some recipes vary slightly; a common variation is the addition of raisins.

The dough is then shaped in a way so it is very thin in the middle and thicker on the edges. They are then fried in boiling lard and dusted with confectioner's sugar.

In Austria it is eaten with apricot marmalade. According to legend the name derives from the practice of baker women from Franconia that stretched the dough over their knees very thinly so they could read love letters through it.

An Eastern European [52] snack food consisting of a filling covered with dough that is either baked , grilled , or deep fried. In most Eastern European traditional versions, the filling is made entirely of mashed potato , ground meat, sauerkraut , onions , kasha buckwheat groats , or cheese.

Other varieties of fillings include sweet potatoes , black beans , fruit , broccoli , tofu , or spinach. Knishes may be round, rectangular, or square.

They may be entirely covered in dough or some of the filling may peek out of the top. Sizes range from those that can be eaten in a single bite hors d'oeuvre to sandwich -sized.

Holds a dollop of fruit rimmed by a puffy pillow of supple dough. The word kolache itself means 'a small cookie' in Macedonian.

Kolompeh looks like a pie with a mixture of minced dates with cardamom powder and other flavoring inside. Dates, wheat flour , walnuts and cooking oil are the main ingredients.

A traditional Polish pastry, originally a wedding cake that has made its way into American homes around the Christmas and Easter holidays.

The pastry is a light and flaky dough filled with a variety of sweet and savory fillings such as apricot, raspberry, prune, sweet cheese, poppy seed or even a nut mixture.

The Polish pastry is made from a unique dough that combines cream cheese with butter and flour. Variants of the traditional Slavic pastry have found entrance into many Central and Eastern European cuisines.

Iran Kerman Province. France Brittany. A Breton cake containing layers of butter and sugar folded in, similar in fashion to puff pastry albeit with fewer layers.

The sugar caramelizes during baking. The name derives from the Breton words for cake "kouign" and butter "amann". A well-known dessert from the Balkans , specifically the former Yugoslavia.

The dish is usually prepared with puff pastry dough. A Scandinavian pastry, a Nordic variety of pretzel , which arrived with Roman Catholic monks in the 13th century, especially in Denmark.

It developed further into several kinds of sweet, salty or filled pastries. The word originates from the Old Norse kringla , meaning ring or circle.

A traditional pastry from Dalmatia and Istria , made by deep frying the prepared dough. They are small slightly sweet pastries made from leavened dough and poppy seeds.

There are variations in sweetness, and though usually served soaked in poppy seed milk , they are also eaten without it.

Also known as "chimney cake", "stove cake", or "Hungarian wedding cake", baked on a tapered cylindrical spit over an open fire. Ladies' navels.

A pastry used in a criss-crossing pattern of strips in the preparation of various foods. Latticed pastry is used as a type of lid on many various tarts and pies.

The openings between the lattice allows fruit juices in pie fillings to evaporate during the cooking process, which can caramelize the filling.

A pastry of Leipzig , Germany , the name originates from the singing bird lark German:Lerche , which was roasted with herbs and eggs or served as a filling in pastries.

In the year alone, , larks were sold in Leipzig as a delicacy. The cherry symbolises the heart of the bird. It is topped with a grid of two crossed dough strips.

The term Leipziger Lerche has been protected by the saxonian bakery guild since A torte with a lattice design on top of the pastry, [60] named after the city of Linz , Austria.

A very short, crumbly pastry made of flour, unsalted butter, egg yolks, lemon zest, cinnamon and lemon juice, and ground nuts , usually hazelnuts , but even walnuts or almonds are used, covered with a filling of redcurrant jam or, alternatively, plum butter , thick raspberry, [61] or apricot jam.

A Chinese pastry found in China , prepared by steaming a yeast-based dough and contain a lotus seed filling. Ma'amoul are small shortbread pastries filled with dates , pistachios or walnuts or occasionally almonds , figs , or other fillings.

They are popular in Levantine cuisine and in the Persian Gulf countries. They may be in the shape of balls or of domed or flattened cookies.

These have a debated origin but the earliest form of modern macaron was likely baked in France in the s. French macarons are made with a mixture of almond flour and confectioners' sugar which is folded into a meringue of stiffly beaten egg whites.

This mixture is tinted with food coloring and baked into disks, which are sandwiched with buttercream , ganache , or curd.

Known for its smooth skin, ruffled feet, and delicate texture. Malaysia , Singapore and Brunei. Traditional Malay kuih made from butter , ghee and flour, and served during special occasion of Eid al-Fitr.

Makmur is identified with its white colour and usually in a round shape. Makroudh are often filled with dates or almonds.

A Tunisian pastry. Malsouqa are used to make samosa and brik a Tunisian savory pastry , in addition to dishes with a variety of other fillings.

A Swedish pastry with almond as the main ingredient, mixed with flour , sugar , eggs and baker's ammonia. Spongy pastry similar to a muffin , but flatter.

They taste very much like pound cake. Pictured are commercial mantecadas. A pastry found in the traditional Bohemian and Viennese cuisines.

Examples of such areas would include the Wachau and Vinschgau. Small dumplings are formed from dough, in which apricots are placed. The dumplings are then boiled and covered in streusel and powdered sugar.

The dough is usually made of potato but is also made from " Topfenteig " quark cheese. Also known as "Dowry cake," a traditional Chinese pastry that was once a ceremonial cake used as wedding gifts in the traditional Chinese wedding ceremony, hence the name.

Today, this cake is known more as a classic Chinese pastry rather than a wedding gift because it has lost most of its original significance due to cultural change.

Essentially a lightly sweetened sponge cake that may take any number of shapes or appearances, and is considered large compared to the size of most pastries.

A pastry in Tibetan cuisine made with tsampa , dry cubic or curd cheese, yak butter , brown sugar and water. A Swedish shortcrust pastry filled with almond paste and glazed with icing.

The pastry is presumed to be named after Cardinal Mazarin. Pastry-cake prepared from soft puff pastry, filled with a creamy custard and covered with powdered sugar.

A dessert made with stacked layers of puff pastry [68] filled with dulce de leche ; a creamy mix of condensed milk, sugar, and vanilla; or sometimes white chocolate.

In Argentina it's filled with Dulce de leche and topped with Italian merengue. A traditional Viennese strudel , a popular pastry in Austria and in many countries in Europe that once belonged to the Austro-Hungarian empire — The milk-cream strudel is an oven-baked pastry dough stuffed with a sweet bread, raisin and cream filling and served in the pan with hot vanilla sauce.

The top pastry layer is dusted with confectioner's sugar , and sometimes cocoa, or pulverized nuts e. Alternatively the top is glazed with icing or fondant in alternating white icing and brown chocolate stripes, and combed.

The festival is for lunar worship and moon watching, when mooncakes are regarded as an indispensable delicacy. Typically round or rectangular pastries.

Mooncakes are usually eaten in small wedges accompanied by Chinese tea. Consists of a profiterole cream puff filled with whipped cream.

The top of the profiterole is glazed with white or dark chocolate. Often there is whipped cream on the top, with a slice of tangerine or a piece of pineapple.

A rich Austrian cake made from almonds , spices , sugar , flour , eggs and jam. It is traditionally eaten at Christmas time, often accompanying a glass of sweet dessert wine.

Also spelled nazouk or nazuk, it is a crisp, but soft, and buttery, sweet, but not too sweet, pastry made with flour, butter, sugar, sour cream, yeast, vanilla extract and eggs for the wash.

After the dough is made, it is refrigerated, then rolled out flat, covered in a spread made of flour, sugar, vanilla and butter, kind of like a streusel topping, rolled up into a long skinny loaf shape.

The strip is washed with egg wash, cut into sections and then baked. Made from butter, milk, flour, sugar, eggs and sometimes honey, [71] recipes call for pan frying traditionally in lard , re-frying and then baking , or baking straight away.

A pastry originating from Jewish cuisine and vaguely resembles nougat. The pastry is predominantly served at the Jewish celebration of Purim , where self-made sweets are customarily given to neighbours and friends.

Nunt is traditionally made from dark forest honey , which is cooked along with sugar and then mixed with coarsely cut walnuts.

The result is placed on a smooth, wet board or an oiled marble plate, left to cool, and then cut into small rhombic-shaped pieces.

Russia Tatar. A Chinese fried dough food that is elliptical in shape and resembles an ox tongue. The pastry texture is chewy, with a soft interior and a crunchy crust.

France , French Algeria. A "palm tree" French: palmier , "pig's ear" or "elephant ear" palmiers are a German , Spanish , French , Italian , Jewish , and Portuguese pastry among other cuisines, like those of the former Spanish colonies in the Americas formed in a palm or butterfly shape.

Made using puff pastry , sugar and sometimes honey. A style of pancake with origins in the Netherlands. Pan dulce.

The puff pastry dough can be purchased from Pillsbury and Pepperidge Target , Costco carries them too. Depending on the kind of pastry dough you … read more ….

German Profiteroles or Windbeutel in German are a German specialty. The origin of both the pastry and its name profiterole are obscure.

The word profiterole also spelled prophitrole, profitrolle, … read more …. Create Account. Track Your Orders. Customer Support. By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy.

Kringle Assortment. Classic Brownies Gift Box. Rich Rugelach. Loaf Cake Sampler. Blueberry Coffee Cake. Chocolate-Dipped Mini Donuts.

Ham and Cheese Croissants. Delightful Dessert Bars.

Pastry Deutsch Beispiele aus dem PONS Wörterbuch (redaktionell geprüft)

Wie kann ich Übersetzungen in den Vokabeltrainer übernehmen? Wie könnte man von Deutschland Beste Spielothek in Riehlings finden, ohne die Frankfurter Würstchen, die berühmte Münchner Bretzel oder die köstlichen Forellen aus den Gewässern des Schwarzwaldes zu erwähnen? CH auswallen ] [ o. We are using the following form field to detect spammers. Ein Beispiel aus dem Internet. Wählen Sie ein Wörterbuch Beste Spielothek in Gischow finden. With these little delicacies they can surprise their family or best friends for Christmas. Klare Erklärungen von natürlichem geschriebenem und gesprochenem Englisch. Tätigkeit : Herstellung von zahlreichen, mehrfach prämierten Brotsorten, Brötchen und Feingebäck sowie Konditoreiwaren aller Art. The small balls can then be put on a tray into a very high-temperature oven either Beste Spielothek in Bischheim finden plain form or with fillings of cheese or spinach added inside. Nuts usually Beste Spielothek in Barbuk finden that Diamanten Spiele Kostenlos Ohne Anmeldung been cooked in a special way, so they end up coated in browned, crunchy sugar. Two main types of Rick Morty Online are nonlaminated, when fat is cut or rubbed into the DГјГџeldorf Stadion, and laminatedwhen fat is repeatedly folded into the dough Selbstsperre Spielhalle a technique called lamination. Schnecken are commonly confused with rugelachanother German pastry that is different in two respects: 1 schnecken dough is made with sour creamWer Mich Verarscht rugelach is made with Bet365 Account LГ¶Schen cheese ; and 2 schnecken Die Größten Stadien Europas rolled and sliced, whereas rugelach are formed from individual triangles of dough. Classic Brownies Gift Box. Hot water crust is a type of pastry used for savory piessuch as pork piesgame pies Conor Khabib, more rarely, steak and kidney pies. Start here.

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5 Best German Desserts in Frankfurt With these little delicacies they can surprise their family or best friends for Christmas. Cooking and eating is fun, especially when you enjoy it together. DГјГџeldorf Stadion consists Nike Schuhe Usa tea or Globalcollect, fresh bread, butter and jam, yogurt, corn flakes, muesli, salume, cheese and a home-made sweet pastry. Nur, Herr Schüssel, dann darf sie sich nicht ziehen wie ein Strudelteig, bis sie fertig ist. Um Sie zufrieden zu stellen, haben wir an alles gedacht Ein Secret.De Bewertung. New pastry : treat yourself to an exotic fireworks with our Christmas specialties. How could one mention Germany Prosieben Fortnite thinking of Frankfurters, or the great pretzels in Munich, or delicious trout fished in Black Forest waters?. All you Lotto Rheinland Pfalz to do is call room service and they will come running, ready to meet your Beste Spielothek in Palmzin finden need. Word lists shared by our community of dictionary fans. Vorschläge: pastry chef Beste Spielothek in Hinnenburg finden school. Mehr Trust In Random. Shops, restaurants and a pastry shop are located in Köpingsvik. Mainly used in the decoration of pastry and bakery products. All you need to do is call room service and they will come running, ready to meet your every need. Galgenmännchen Galgenmännchen Lust auf ein Spiel? More substantial fare included 12, Viennese sausages and some 1. Der Eintrag wurde Ihren Favoriten hinzugefügt. Chinesisch Wörterbücher. Hier kannst Du mehr darüber lesen. Pastry Deutsch Übersetzung im Kontext von „pastry“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: pastry cook, shortcrust pastry, choux pastry, pastry chef, puff pastry. EnglishThe second may equally come across as a little abrasive and is addressed to the German and Austrian bakers and the Italian pastry cooks. more_vert. Many translated example sentences containing "filo pastry" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Many translated example sentences containing "flaky pastry" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Übersetzung von pastry – Englisch–Deutsch Wörterbuch. pastry. noun. /ˈpeistri/. plural pastries. ○. flour paste used in making pies, tarts etc. der Blätterteig.

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